.: Engineering

Crawford & Crawford & Stewart Engineers Inc. is committed to providing the best professional services with close personal attention and the best value and lowest cost to our customers.

CCS specializes in construction and development support for property owners, business owners, commercial property managers, residential homeowners, utility systems, on-site utilities, on-site wastewater and septic systems, etc.

CCS has designed water plants, sewer plants, pump stations, automatic control systems, radio control systems, SCADA, PLC control systems, power management systems, etc.

CCS provides Professional Engineering consulting, design, feasibility studies, planning, budgeting, project management, job and budget tracking, grant and funding application support, contract specification development, bid services, contract support, computer data base development, computer systems development, process controls design, mapping, site planning, watershed modeling, water system modeling, and many more support services for homeowners, property developers, commercial developers, public utilities, industrial and municipal facilities managers, and many other customers.

Benefits of CCS services are: cost control, efficient planning and use of space and property, upgrade of systems for efficiency and growth, funding of large projects, management of large projects, remediation and recovery of existing facilities, meeting state and federal regulations, and more.

.: Latest Projects

Update: 03-06-2011

Site plan for Ind Park

This plan was used for ...

Waste water system at Oaks

A waste water system profile part of development at...